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It has been an interesting post-show period. I think most artists know that the opening night, or vernissage, is absolutely critictal to see a public's reaction, get feedback, and, of course, to make some sales. After that this all slows down. Life goes back to normal. After the "high" I have to throw myself back into work or risk feeling a bit deflated.


What a delight to have someone who particularly enjoyed a piece compliment you on it. What a surpise when after the show they commission you to reproduce it in a special "one-off" edition in the size of 32"x40" !


The print pleased the clients immensely. My sincere thanks to them and to Sam at Shoe Box Studio for his production carftmanship.


Now onwards and upwards? Well, at least onwards.

Photo: Andre Forget


Last night it was wonderful to open my solo show "Une oeil different" at Maison Earle House. It is rare to share my work with friends and neighbors.

My thanks to the speakers Adriana Korkos, show curator, and Dr. Billy Flynn. The show continues until May 28th.

In this day where everyone's phone is a camera I'm often asked if photography is my job.


Well, it's something I can't help but do every day - for hours. This image was taken on a rainy day in June. I was feeling antsy to get outside and explore. It wasn't going to happen. 


In a vase in the living room was this peony. I had some shipping paper and this happened.


A print of this shot will appear in April at The Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis MN, in the show "The Still Life".


A job, a passion, an addiction? I know I have to do it.

STO Union is a multi-disiplinary art and performance company. I was asked to present a social media takeover (Instagram and Facebook) with a behind the scenes view.


These things are usually photos where a ballerina ties her shoe or an actor is getting makeup. What I quickly discovered were 300 days a year that weren't nearly as romantic, that verged on drudgery. I have tried to show this but also the good nature of the company accepting this.

It's been a frantic Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each of these seasons have been spectacular. Aside from the obvious landscape shots they've inspired, several side projects have also been developed. I'm currently going through hundreds of negatives and files. I'm also trying to plan some work for over the cold Winter here in Wakefield, Quebec. I hope to have a bigger update for you soon.


As a teaser, here is the begining of one series in developement. You can also find some varied images on Instagram. 


A print of "Hosta" was exhibited in the May 2022 show "Monochrome" at PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.


There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel we call 'the current world situation'.


We have all gone through a lot. It is a ray of hope for me that this 11-23 March I will be back in a show - a return to Blank Wall Gallery in Athens. The show is called 'Moments of Color'. The selected piece is Abandoned Cabin, Low Quebec.


My thanks to curators Maria Toutoudaki and Markos Dolopikos.


There are many in the world still awaiting pandemic relief. I'm thinking of them this Valentines Day.

A new year is upon us. Now, I am not one for resolutions but I have decided to try some new directions in 2022.


I am not going to abandon my exploration of 'the little things' around me and the urbanisation of my local environment. What I am going to do is add to how I express my work with: more darkroom work, experimenting with different photo processes, more collaborations with other creators, and experimenting with projected content. I expect more than a few failures as this goes along but I look forward to the opportunity to learn from it all.


Of course, we are back into shutdowns, lockdowns, and curfews here in Quebec. I will do my best to not have that limit my creation.


It's  a tentative start to the new year but I hope it grows and grows into what I want.  I wish the same for you.


Happy New Year.

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