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JP Campbell is a visual artist based in Wakefield (Quebec, Canada) whose work involves, but not exclusively, film including 35mm, 120, Polaroid, cyanotype, and video. His pursuit is bringing to light things that are often taken for granted.


He also experimentally mixes text/poetic writing with his images.


“I can’t remember starting to take photographs. I know that one Christmas the family decided to upgrade their cameras and one no longer needed was passed on to me – a Kodak Hawkeye Flash. At the age of 13 my father built me a darkroom and I began shooting 35mm."


JP finally began to emerge and share his work in 2016 after getting past shyness, an equipment robbery and later a flood that eliminated his previous photographic history. Since then his photographs have been exhibited in: Bulgaria; Crete; England; Greece; Hungary; Serbia; Scotland; the United Sates; and Canada.


 Photo: David Irvine


Artistic Approach


Today, while I do digital photography and multimedia, analogue is the format of choice. I enjoy the concentration on subject, composition, light and the tools at hand.  I enjoy using various cameras, lenses, and films as appropriate - much like a painter might decide between oil, water colour, or acrylic ... between pencil, a certain brush, or a knife ...


Most of my subjects are things we pass by everyday that we see but we really don’t ‘see’. In a society that seems increasingly obsessed with self-awareness I work to challenge that and capture moments that may not be seen again or that many do not see in the first place. This began as I photographed the village where I live and is magnified when I return to urban areas from my past.



Recent News



August 24-30, 2020, curated group show "Chania International Photo Festival" (Crete).


May 30, 2020, curated selection of photo and text for "Changes" for the Cooltsalon zine. "On 30 May we unite for the third time several countries and cities in a one-day simultaneous exhibition and creative conference, Cooltzine; the topic is "Changes". Participating cities this year include Sofia, Belgrade, Novi Sad, London, Vienna, Berlin and Paris with speakers joining relevant panel discussions, but without hosting venues due to reformatting of the event as purely digital ..."


May, 2020, Objects, Architecture, and Spaces: Photography by JP Campbell. Featured artist on the Artists Run Website blog.


January 2020, curated selection of photo and text in the book "Critical Moss: art beyond the bubble", editor Aldobranti, forward Dr. Fiona Harvey, published by edizioni Fosco Fornio.


November 21-30, 2019, curated group show "The Portrait", The Glasgow Gallery of Photography.


October 2019,  Editor selection, Do It For The Grain Magazine a "publication of local analog photographers working in black and white that tackles the impermanence of our digital times."


September 2-13 2019 curated group show "Monochrome" - 1st exhibition at their new space, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography.


August 16-24, 2019 curated group show "Chania International Photo Festival" (Crete).


June 28-July 10, 2019 curated group show "Landscapes" - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece.


June 6-29, 2019 juried group show "Monochrome" PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

Juror: Zsolt Batori


May 20-27, 2019 curated group "Pop up Exhibition" The Glasgow Gallery of Photography - Savoy Centre - Glasgow, Scotland.


May 19, 2019 curated group show, Vermont Center for Photography multimedia presentation and panel discussion "Too Tired" on the use of photography to describe depression and/or to be used as a therapeutic tool.


April, 2019 "Between Light and the Dark", The Film Shooters Collective Curated Photostream


September 8-30, 2018, juried group show Somerville Toy Camera Festival - Washington Street Gallery - Somerville MA, USA.

Juror: Jennifer Shaw


January 2018, "What Happened to the Seeker?", video shoots with theatre group STO Union.


November 12, 2017, updated Globe & Mail article "STO Union director Nadia Ross wins 2016 Siminovitch Prize".


September 7 - October 2, 2017 "Untitled Works,  A small exhibition of images by JP Campbell and David Irvine" Galerie fait accomplie 17 Ch de la vallée, Wakefield, Québec.


October 28, 2016, Globe & Mail article "STO Union director Nadia Ross wins 2016 Siminovitch Prize".


2015 and continuing, occasional contributions to The Low Down to Hull and Back newspaper.


All images copyright 2019 © John Paul Campbell



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