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“I can’t remember starting to take photographs. I know that one Christmas the family decided to upgrade their cameras and one no longer needed was passed on to me – a Kodak Hawkeye Flash. At the age of 13 my father built a darkroom and I began shooting 35mm."


JP Campbell is a visual artist based in Wakefield (Quebec, Canada) whose work involves, but not exclusively, film including 35mm, 120, Polaroid, cyanotype, and video. He also mixes text/poetic writing with his images.


JP finally began to emerge and share his work in 2016 after getting past shyness, an equipment robbery and later a flood that eliminated his previous photographic history. Since then his photographs have been exhibited in: Bulgaria; Crete; England; Greece; Hungary; Serbia; Scotland; the United States; and Canada. 



 Photo: David Irvine


Artistic Approach



“There is a lot of beauty and subtlety in your work that I feel is lacking in the fine art photography world these days”  

Lens Culture Portfolio Review, October 2020.



Today, while I do digital photography and multimedia, analogue is the format of choice. I enjoy the concentration on subject, composition, light and the tools at hand.  I enjoy using various cameras, lenses, and films as appropriate - much like a painter might decide between oil, water colour, or acrylic ... between pencil, a certain brush, or a knife ...


Most of my subjects are things we pass by everyday that we see but we really don’t ‘see’. In a society that seems increasingly obsessed with self-awareness I work to challenge that and capture situational moments that may not be seen again or that many do not see in the first place. This began as I photographed the village where I live and is magnified when I return to urban areas from my past. 


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